Living Room

Ceiling Painting

Faux became hugely popular  in the forms of faux marble and wood finishes and epitomized in Trompe L’oeil murals which  fooled the viewer’s eye. 




Dining Room Mural

Faux painting has continued to be popular 

Old World Art

Old World Art

Now, newer techniques and design styles requires faux artists to adapt to the latest trends with paint and textures. A faux crackle paint was used to give the appearance of an ancient Roman mosaic for this poolside logia ceiling. This mural turned out to be the  homeowner’s favorite aesthetic of this Port Royal mansion.  Creating a color pallet and right textures that provide the ambiance you are looking for is my passion.

Red Room

Venetian red dining room

Old world charm in a contemporary estate home in Mediterra, Naples Florida luxury living  community. Romantic, sensuous red orange venetian plaster illuminates this inviting, appetite inducing standout dining room.

Bathroom Mural

Simple dramatic elegance in a sparse design of softly and naturally tinted blades of of grass gives the illusion of depth in a carefully choreographed playful surface.

a most prestigious address in SWFL - Gordon Dr. Port Royal, Florida