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Ceiling Painting

Faux became hugely popular in Classical times in the forms of faux marble and wood finishes and epitomized in Trompe L’oeil murals which truly fooled the viewer’s eye. Recognition was rewarded to artist who could actually trick viewers into believing their work was the real thing.




Dining Room Mural

Faux painting has continued to be popular throughout the ages, but experienced major resurgences in the neoclassical revival of the nineteenth century and the art deco styles of the 1920s. Throughout the recent history of decorative painting, faux finishing has been mainly used in commercial and public spaces.

Old World Art

Old World Art

Now, newer techniques and different styles in a post modern age revival, requires faux artists to adapt to the latest trends with paint and textures. Casa Artisti has many years of experience to do just that. Creating a color pallet and right textures that provide the ambiance you are looking for.

Red Room


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Bathroom Mural

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