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MC Design Arts, experience and dedication produce Art and Finishes that are Smart & User Friendly

Mark Cranford -Owner
Established 1997

Interior Design Art Firm Based in Fort Myers, Florida

Mark Cranford Design Arts was founded on the premise that all great houses should look and feel warm and inviting, just like the owners themselves. Mark Cranford Design Arts will coordinate your project with your existing décor, and provide expert color guidance for other areas. We can design around themes, and coordinate complex projects. We provide extraordinary services so that you, as a home or business owner, obtain the full benefit from your interior designer or general contractor.

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The services of Mark Cranford Design Arts is second to none in perfecting the right painting technique that the homeowner will appreciate. Designing and painting is our passion and the results our clients receive can be established by the testimonials we have received.

Always listening to the client, Casa Artisti provides design solutions by creating accurate samples and proposals to be given approval by the client. Casa Artisti’s desire is to create a beautiful living harmony suitable for the client and meeting the needs of the design environment.


What Our Clients Say

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Client: "Every time I come home I have to remind myself this is really my house, it is so beautiful. The value of my home went up one million dollars after your faux finish designs and murals were installed."
Collier Reserve
Client: "I am going to have you faux finish my new home as well."
Bonita Bay
Client: "I trust you the same as any of the heads of my various businesses, I entrust my house to you"
Client: " I salute you as a Captain Of Industry"
Quail West
Client: "We are not having art installed, your faux finish is our art"
Port Royal

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